How to Make Planning Your Wedding Stress-Free

Bride at the Palmer House Chicago

What will your wedding day be like?

So you are getting married. The excitement, the attention, it is your day and you want it your way! Balance! How can you find it? There is no real magic that will make everything just perfect. Every bride wants a stress free day. Is that really possible? The reality is, there is no absolutely stress free wedding day. BUT, you can decrease the stress level with a few simple steps.

First the most important thing to remember is that the sun will go down on your wedding day, then it will come up, and now you have a new life with the love of your life. Once you realize that everything will not be perfect, you will cut your stress level tremendously. Why, because you will not be panicking every time something does not go exactly as planned. I will tell you as a Professional Wedding Planner, it never does.

The biggest stress factor for many couples is money. You do not want to start out your new life buried in debt. The next step is to set a budget and do the best you can to stick to it. It is so easy to get caught up in things and before you know it you are thousands of dollars over what you thought you would ever spend. You can find many wedding sites online that offer free budget calculators along with a wedding website, take advantage of them. The week of the wedding is not the time to try to figure out how you are going to pay for everything. Instead, sit down with you fiance and families and discuss how you are going to pay for this wedding.

You need to have a go to person, whether that is a hired Wedding Planner or a dear friend that you will be indebted to for the rest of your life! If you have a friend help you make sure it is someone who is not in the wedding and that take care of the “oops” moment. Really, they do happen so make sure this person is the one that can deal with it. Will she be able to run to the Tux place when the groom’s college buddy realizes he doesn’t have his vest?

Start tying up loose ends a month before the wedding day. Call all your vendors thirty days before the wedding and verify all your information, date, time, place, and last payment details. Yes, I said verify! It would not be the first time the nice receptionist “Suzi” put your ceremony down at 4:30 when it should have been 5:30. Make a “Day of Itinerary” and a contact list of everyone involved in the wedding. It is important that you get a cell phone where everyone can be reached the day of the wedding. When i say everyone, I mean everyone, bridal party, family, and vendors. Make sure you have a phone the where vendor can be reached. What if Callas start to droop, can you call your florist? What if the shop closes at 3 pm on Saturday and your wedding is at 5:30, make sure you have numbers where they can be reached! You will give this itinerary and contact list to that dear trusted friend.

The week of the wedding make a final check with all the vendors, hand the list off to your trusted friend. Keep a basket in your kitchen or wherever, where you will put last minute items to take to the ceremony and one for the reception.

The “day of” wake up and take a deep breath. Realize that this is the day you have dreamed of since you were eight years old. It will not be absolutely perfect but it will be your wedding. The day will unfold into a beautiful day for you to remember. If there is an “oops” moment realize this will only add to your memory, it will not destroy it.

So, you’re getting married? Keep it in perspective and enjoy the moment.

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