How to Have a Perfect Wedding – 4 Tips to Relax and Enjoy the Day

Bride and Groom after the ceremony

Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Relax and enjoy the day? REALLY, are you serious? Yes, it is possible with a little help from your friends and a Planner who is willing to give you a little advice.

This step occurs from the start. It will carry you through your entire planning process. No, I am not going to tell you to get a massage or do relaxing meditation. I am going to tell you that if you set a realistic budget from the start to the finish it will keep you relaxed and you will enjoy your day. Why, because you will not be worrying about all the bills coming in the week of the wedding. This is the best tip I can give you. It is better to be happy with a little less, rather than be miserable with much.

Don’t have a planner? I am sure you have a trusted friend that you can rely on. Ask that dear, dear person if they will act as your go between the week and day of the wedding. This cannot be anyone in the wedding. It cannot be your Mom. This has to be someone that will be available to help. Someone who can take care of any “oops moments.” Yes, I said “oops moments.” They happen at every wedding, your wedding will not be the exception. If everything goes exactly as planned, believe me go buy a lottery ticket. You will win the odds are obviously with you, for the rest of you make sure you have a trusted helper.

Make a few lists.

Vendor Contact list with phone numbers where each vendor can be reached in case of an “oops moment.” While creating this list a month before the wedding contact each vendor and check basic details, date, time, location. Believe me it wouldn’t be the first time that the Hostess at the Restaurant made the rehearsal dinner reservations for the wrong time. Yes, your trusted friend will have a copy of this list so the day of the wedding when an “oops moment” arises she will get her dandy list of phone numbers out and call them.

Bridal Party contact list. Yes it never fails the groom’s best buddy is no where to be found during pictures. Ta Da, your phone list is there for you dear, dear friend to call Bob so he can get his rear end over to the Church for pictures.

Itinerary. Create an itinerary with times and locations. For example

9:00 AM Hair and Make-up Oh Baby Salon 201 Veteran’s Pkwy 123-123-123

12:00 pm Girls meet at St. Patrick’s Church to start dressing

12:00 pm Guys meet at the Parke Hotel to dress.

1:00 pm Photographer Begins with Bridal Party

2:00 pm Family Photographs meet at the front of St. Patrick’s Church

4. Have a sense of HUMOR. There is no such thing as a perfect wedding but all weddings are wonderful events when two loves become one and a new family is created. Take a deep breath during an “oops moment” and ask yourself, “25 years from now, what will I remember?”

There is no magic bullet to make the day perfect. If I had one, I would be a millionaire. Nevertheless, weddings can be magical even with an “oops moment.” It all depends on how you look at it.

So, you’re getting married, keep it in perspective and enjoy the moment.

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